Crypto Mining Best Computing Power Sources

From smartphones & computers to complex & expensive RIGs machines, Crypto Mining is another way to have a side hustle while you’re doing absolutely nothing, alright almost nothing but investing in your equipment and having at least a bit of advice from a real tech-savvy partner who can guide you properly to invest your money wisely.

In case you did not know, not only computers or video game consoles can mine Bitcoins, smartphones are the fuel source of many crypto mining farms across the world, some of them are legal, some of them are not, it depends on the regulations of each country. The latest the technology and the better performance the smartphone has, the better results you can get from it.

There are some applications available to be downloaded to start mining right away. It is simple since it shows you live metrics of the process and consumes low to mid amounts of energy since mining work gets done by an external server located somewhere on the planet that takes advantage of the smartphone capacities.

When it comes to revenue, it is possible to make up to $0.10 per day from mining with a smartphone, and if it keeps mining for a whole year straight, you might have around $36.00 of profit by the end of the same, you only need to make sure the battery does not go out. With video gaming consoles, it works similar the only difference is that due to the graphic card of the console, you can get more performance and thus a little bit more revenue, not too much but still, also be aware that the energy fee might go up as well not mentioning that it surely needs a cooling system besides the built-in one otherwise, the console can overheat and break.

Now let’s enter the matrix of RIGs, it’s a simple computer with 6 (Standard) or more (12) graphic cards connected, a processor, RAM, a regular motherboard, or better yet specialized motherboard that allows you to attach more graphic cards by replacing PCIe ports for PCIe x1, you need storage as well, the power source needs to have a certification of 80 Plus / Cybernetics Platinum or Titanium to feed all the graphic cards, a riser card is also vital to connect the G. boards using its PCIe x16 adapter to convert it to PCIe x1, of course, a reliable cooling system to avoid overheating and last but not least a nice frame to place everything together.

This device gives you a great source of computing power that can also be taken as “Hash rate/power” which is a vital metric for estimating the profitability of a mining set up as it settles the probability of finding a formidable hash power that will give you profits. This is where the water turns into wine, the mining process uses that computing power to support Blockchain by solving complex algorithms, advanced math calculations, analyzing information, and developing new Blocks to keep up with the Blockchain development.

When you put this RIG potential to work for any crypto coin you choose, in return, you will get cryptocurrency as payment. Now there is something else we need to cover in a simple way, the pools or mining pools, which are web links to join a group of miners each one with their RIG all gathering their computing power to boost a chosen crypto coin, and then hopefully recover the investment made.

The RIG revenue is most likely favorable despite the energy consumption it takes. E.g. if we have a 12 graphic board RIG mining Ethereum, we can get an estimate of $30.00 daily, $240.00 weekly, and $1.000.00 monthly. Each sum compared to the maximum electrical demand that it may imply is still profitable. To withdraw your earnings, you can just set up an amount of money that triggers an automated transaction to deposit the sum in your e-wallet.

It’s essential to mind that from time to time the RIG needs technical support just to assure that all is running smoothly.

Another way is the ASIC, which also is a rectangular computer specially designed to mine Bitcoins by solving complicated math problems, validate and register all Bitcoin transactions made within the network, it works like the RIG, the more potential it has, the more Bitcoins generate. These devices deplete enormous amounts of energy, but if you have a source of renewable energy like eolic, solar or hydroelectric, for example, the bill won’t be a stone in your shoe and it will be the perfect way to have real profits from crypto mining.

Wrapping it up, some USBs have a built-in chip and a little fan installed, designed for mining a specific crypto coin only. You can get one or several to connect them to a computer and start mining. However, a single one of these can cost up to $100.00. These devices deploy better with new rising crypto coins since they’re still under development and easier to mine.

Mining Bitcoins is just a way to get an extra income but getting rich with these machines is almost impossible to achieve.

Written by Brolee