Since China banned the use and mining of cryptocurrencies, the United States has stepped up to become a Bitcoin mining powerhouse. The industry is now growing at breakneck speeds, and investment opportunities in America are abound.

Eight Countries Ranked by Hashrate

8: Iran — 3.11%

7: Germany – 4.48%

6: Malaysia – 4.59%

5: Ireland – 4.68%

4: Canada – 9.55%

3: Russia – 11.23%

2: Kazakhstan – 18.1%

1: The United States – 35.4%

The Top 8 Nations Mining Bitcoin

American Bitcoin Domination Means American Wealth Generation

The United States is now the world leader in Bitcoin mining. Not only are we the top developer of blockchain technology and decentralized finance (DeFi), but we’re creating high-paying jobs, manufacturing valuable, high-tech infrastructure, and are building next generation wealth.

American-based investment opportunities in crypto are among the safest on earth. See how Bitcoin mining may be one of the biggest investment stories of the decade at