Why PODs are the best alternative for Bitcoin Mining

The computing machines that maintain the Bitcoin network have undergone rapid technological development over the past decade. Mining rigs, as they are popularly called, are an essential feature for the success of the Bitcoin network. These machines determine whether it is profitable for miners to do what they do—that is, to process the computations needed to embed blocks of transactions into the blockchain.

Due to the lack of miner competition in the early days of Bitcoin, the computational energy required to create new blocks and earn mining rewards could be easily handled on CPU devices. The hardware required to mine new coins evolved over time as new miners joined the Bitcoin network and began competing for block rewards. That is how CPUs evolved to GPUs then FPGAs, and finally, ASIC miners.

Location, location, location

The ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) miners were created specifically for mining Bitcoin and offered many advantages in terms of faster processing power and efficiency, but they also brought fundamental changes to the infrastructure required for mining such as:

  • Rig location: Though GPU mining rigs could be hosted at home, ASIC miners were louder and generated much more heat. This meant that one’s home was not an ideal location for an ASIC miner, and alternate locations like abandoned warehouses and cheap storage units became a must.
  • Power consumption: The latest generation of ASIC machines are more energy-efficient than GPU rigs but consume tremendous power, nevertheless. After the mining rigs were installed on locations with low energy consumption and the energy companies realized what was going on, the energy prices went up making the whole operation unprofitable.

The future is mobile and modular

Since electricity is necessary to run mining systems 24/7, the price of it is a key element of the mining profit equation. For that reason, chasing cheap sustainable sources of energy has become the main concern for miners.

Many mining data centers have been sold for parts just to cover the high energy costs. That is why having a tailor-made system you can set up anywhere (with low energy fees and internet connection) is the logical evolution for mining farms. Here is where PODs become the right path to move forward in the Bitcoin mining industry.

Cool Control

Having the ability to locate a mining operation in any place is only part of the numerous benefits of mining PODs. The weather is part of the equation just as much as the cost of power to run them. To keep miners that produce an immense amount of heat and lower performance when that happens, a cooling system that doesn’t add to the energy bill is another key element of the puzzle. Mining PODs are designed with very efficient passive and active airflow systems that cool miners without consuming high amounts of energy.

Sleep With One Eye Open

Miners are like airplanes, they’re only profitable while they are up and running. That is why a monitoring system that allows one to keep an eye on production, temperature, and energy consumption is the cherry on top.

So, forget about setting up a brick-and-mortar establishment, and let your mind run free when it comes to starting your own mining farm. PODs are here to take over and offer a better way to mine for everyone anywhere.