170-Outlet Convenience Store Chain Will Accept Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are gaining widespread and conventional acceptance worldwide. Now, On The Run, a giant Australian convenience and gas station chain, has announced it will soon accept cryptocurrency payments across 170 of its outlets.

The move by On The Run (OTR) will allow customers to purchase gas, snacks and beverages with any of over 30 cryptocurrencies.

Peregrine Corp., the parent company of OTR, will also allow crypto to be used for purchases at its Subway, Oporto and Smokesmart stores.

Once finalized, as early as July, Peregrine will become the single largest business operator in Australia to accept crypto transactions for its goods.

The Executive Chairman of Peregrine, Yasser Shahin, said “The growth and mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrency adoption in Australia and the rest of the world has been phenomenal, and has offered us a clear opportunity to tap into the momentum of this fast-growing space for the benefit of our customers.

As more retailers and grocers begin to accept and advertise the use of crypto for purchases, we are likely to begin seeing even more “mainstream” consumers adopting the technology.

Because of this, market values for some currencies, like Bitcoin, could greatly increase.

In February, Crypto.com released a survey of global merchants. Of them, only 4% were accepting crypto as payment. However, almost 60% said they were interested in participating in the crypto payment ecosystem within the next year.

The higher demand there is on cryptocurrencies to be used in transactions, the higher the price of cryptos like Bitcoin could go.

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