Since Hal Finney was on the receiving end of the first ever Bitcoin transaction in 2009, daily Bitcoin transaction volume has increased to over 300,000 trades.

While over $1 billion worth of Bitcoin changes hands every day, some days have seen transaction values exceeding $14.6 billion!

Here are the 5 biggest Bitcoin transactions ever recorded, as measured by US dollars

5) 48,952 BTC: On February 16, 2020, a single transaction was recorded that was valued at $490,500,000. That’s nearly half a billion dollars.

4) 107,848 BTC: On October 14, 2019, Bitstamp transferred of over 100k coins to Xapo. At the time, those coins were worth $894,000,000.

3) 94,504 BTC: While not as many coins as our #4 biggest transaction, this September 6, 2019, transaction was worth just north of $1,000,000,000.

2) 106,857 BTC: In February of 2020, a transaction of over 100k Bitcoin occurred, valued at the time at $1,033,000,000.

1) 161,500 BTC: The largest ever Bitcoin trade, as measured by US dollar volume happened on April 10, 2020, when $1,100,000,000 was transacted.

The 5 Biggest Bitcoin Transactions, Ever

While these transactions are enormous, none of them have been as large, in coin volume, as the November 16, 2011 transaction of 500,000 BTC. Back then, 500K Bitcoin were worth only about $1.13 million.

Today, those same coins are worth a whopping $21 billion!

What Could 500k BTC Be Worth… One Year From Today?

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