Luna Now Holds Nearly 40,000 BTC…And Plans to Buy a Whole Lot More

After a flurry of buying over the weekend, the Luna Foundation now holds almost 40,000 BTC. On Sunday the 10th, the Foundation added an additional $173 million in BTC to its coffers, bringing Luna Foundation Guard’s (LFG) total BTC holdings to $1.67 billion.

Just four days earlier, on April 6th, LFG purchased $230 million in BTC. In a span of five days, LFG added $403 million in Bitcoin to its wallet…

And according to LFG, it’s not done buying yet.

Back in January, LFG said it will buy $10 billion worth of BTC. As of Monday, it has acquired a mere 17% of its promise.

Remarkably, from January 26th to today, the LFG Bitcoin wallet went from less than one BTC, to a whopping 39,897.98 Bitcoin. It’s an enormous accumulation that’s taken just two and a half months.

As of the time of this writing, It’s likely that LFG is still acquiring additional BTC (they may release additional information later in the week). This, even after its $400 million accumulation last week.

With Bitcoin trading below $50k, LFG may see this as a big buying opportunity.

However, if price targets for BTC this year are hit, (Goldman Sachs made an argument for $100k) The Foundation could see its dollar-value BTC holdings more than double, without adding a single coin.

While this would be a huge boon to LFG, even a doubling in price may not stop it from accumulating up to its $10 billion goal.

Right now, because of its recent purchases, LFG is a top 20 holder of BTC.

Should LFG continue to add to its Bitcoin holdings, as promised, it could become among the largest institutional Bitcoin wallets, globally, behind Binance and its 252,597 BTC.

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