Since January 1st 2012, the value of a single Bitcoin has risen a remarkable 991,425%. Every year BTC has an annual high, and an annual low. The annual low is the “cheapest” Bitcoin you could have bought or spent.

Here’s what a single “cheap” Bitcoin could’ve bought you every year since 2012:

BTC $4 in 2012:  One Big Mac, no fries

BTC $65 in 2013: A pair of low-end sneakers

BTC $200 in 2014: Two nosebleed tickets to a Lakers game

BTC $185 in 2015: Four shares of Tesla stock

BTC $365 in 2016: Eight more shares of Tesla stock

BTC $780 in 2017: A roundtrip flight from NYC to London

BTC $3,200 in 2018: Two tickets to the Red Sox World Series

BTC $3,400 in 2019: A seven-person hot tub.

BTC $4,100 in 2020: A Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre Chronograph watch

BTC $28,000 in 2021: 187 hours of stretch limousine service

BTC $33,000 in 2022: A private performance by comedian Bill Burr

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What 1 “Cheap” Bitcoin Could Buy You Every Year Since 2012