The First US City to Mine Bitcoin is…

In an effort to develop into a global technology hub, the Fort Worth, Texas city council has approved a plan to mine Bitcoin. In doing so, the city is now the first in the US to be directly involved in the support and maintenance of the BTC blockchain.

Mayor Mattie Parker oversaw the construction of the cities small Bitcoin mine, which is said to be just three Bitmain Antminer S9s, located right inside of City Hall.

While it’s unexpected that the city’s small-scale mining operation will generate a profit, the mayor believes its initiatives will put the city on the map as a place where tech companies and larger scale crypto mining operations can thrive.

She said, “Today, with the support and partnership of Texas Blockchain Council, we’re stepping into that world on a small scale while sending a big message.”

“Cryptocurrency is a huge part of our future economy.”

Texas is already among the US leaders in Bitcoin hash rates. The state generally has favorable regulations, access to relatively inexpensive electrical power and a state government that’s looking to expand its BTC footprint.

But Texas is not alone. Since the crypto-crackdown in China, the entire southeastern portion of the US has seen a remarkable ramping-up of Bitcoin mining activities.

In fact, the United States is now the #1 nation in BTC mining, responsible for over 1/3 of the global hash rate. But with such favorable regulations, especially in the Southeast, the US could grow its share to perhaps 50% or more in the coming years.

Now, It may come as no surprise if additional cities in the South begin mining Bitcoin… perhaps profitably enough to pay for all municipal employees and services, retirement plans and city infrastructure…

Without levying taxes on its population.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

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