The Bitcoin price has risen nearly 1,000,000% since January of 2012. Each year, BTC has an annual high and an annual low. The annual high is the “top” Bitcoin price you could have paid, or sold, or bought something with.
Here’s what a single “top” BTC could’ve gotten you every year since 2012:

BTC $12 in 2012:  A box of low-end golf balls

BTC $1,100 in 2013: A 13” MacBook Air

BTC $900 in 2014: 1 ticket to the NBA Finals

BTC $475 in 2015: 10 shares of $TSLA stock

BTC $950 in 2016: 35 shares of $AAPL stock

BTC $19,000 in 2017: An 18’ fishing boat

BTC $17,000 in 2018: A Ducati Monster 1200 S sport bike

BTC $12,500 in 2019: A used 2001 Porsche Boxster S

BTC $29,000 in 2020: Install an inground pool

BTC $68,000 in 2021: A 274-day cruise around the world

What Will The “Top” Bitcoin Price be in 2022…
And What Could You Buy With it?