Cybersecurity Firm Converts Entire Balance Sheet into Bitcoin

There may be no greater way to show how bullish you are on Bitcoin than by converting your entire balance sheet into BTC… except, perhaps, by giving a 50% discount on all services if paid in Bitcoin.

Global cybersecurity firm, Octagon Networks, has just done both.

On Monday, June 6, the company announced it had “finished the process of converting its liquid assets and entire balance sheet into Bitcoin…”

And will “start accepting Bitcoin payments for all of our services, with a 50% discount when paid in Bitcoin.”

In speaking with Cointelegraph, the cofounders of Octagon said “We are large proponents and believers in Bitcoin. We believe in a truly decentralized form of money that can be transferred at the speed of light.”

The Bitcoin they’ve already accumulated “doesn’t affect our operating costs as everyone who works here is a sole believer in the mission of Bitcoin.”

And “from a cyber security perspective, it makes sense to bet on Bitcoin than anything else.”

In regard to the Bitcoin price, they told Cointelegraph that the “$25,000 area” may be the bottom of the current crypto bear market.

By accepting payment in BTC, at a 50% services discount, the company may clearly be looking to accumulate as much Bitcoin as quickly as possible…

Especially at these prices.

Read Octagon Network’s full story, HERE