BTC “Fear & Greed” index Now Flashing a Possible Bullish Signal

Earlier this week, and for the first time in nearly two months, the Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index reached 19/100. This move represents BTC’s highest F&G index level since May 7, when Bitcoin was at $34,500.

The index now appears to be moving from an “extreme fear” rating below 25, to a “fear” rating above 25. This could indicate the market is beginning to see less risk in owning BTC and may signal a bullish run is on the horizon.


The index has been slowly, yet steadily rising since June 19th when it registered “extreme fear” at 6/100.

The Fear and Greed index measures the markets risk sentiment. The lower the score, the more fear is in the market. The higher the score, the more greed. When the index reaches extreme greed, selloffs often occur. Conversely, when the index hits extreme fear, many value buyers and risk traders may enter the market, indicating a potential price reversal.

As the index moves from “extreme fear” to “fear”, as what seems to be occurring now, it indicates the market is getting little more comfortable, and is cautiously buying BTC.

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