Another 2020-Like BTC Bull Run On The Horizon? Prominent Analyst Believes It Could Be

After dropping below $17,800 in mid-June, Bitcoin has been on a fairly strong run, up over 18% from those lows.  Now, well known crypto analyst, PlanB, the developer of the “Stock-to-Flow” model, has disclosed a pattern that could show Bitcoin surging even higher.

This pattern, as PlanB says, preceded a massive upswing in BTC back in 2020, and may have emerged once again.

In 2020, BTC began the year trading around $7k. By June it had surpassed $10k and began attracting major institutional eyeballs.

At the time, the global economy was in the midst of Covid lockdowns and a financial downturn. But by the first of December, BTC broke through $19k, and rose to $23K by mid-month.

Four months later, Bitcoin hit new all-time highs near $60k. This is the pattern PlanB is suggesting has reemerged.

As Plan B tweeted, “last green candle at current level (December 2020) took us to $60k in 4 months.”

As you recall, that $60k-ish all time high level lasted just a few weeks before BTC declined 50%. However, that decline was short lived, as bitcoin doubled from $30k, recovered all its losses, and reached a new all-time high near $69k.

According to, “PlanB sought the opinion of his 1.8M followers on what they think about this. 57% of 15k respondents noted that they believe we are currently at the low end of a normal cycle and that the current level was a “great buying opportunity” for investors.

Should PlanB be right, and a new BTC bull market is on the horizon, a fast run in Bitcoin could produce outstanding gains.

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