Billionaire David Rubenstein is Bullish on Crypto

David Rubenstein, the famous billionaire investor, and co-founder of Carlyle Group, is bullish on crypto and doesn’t believe US lawmakers will over-regulate the crypto industry.

In an interview on CNBC last week, Rubenstein said, “I’m bullish in the sense that I think the greatest fortunes are made when people go against conventional wisdom.”

When asked if he himself is a crypto investor, he said, “Not just crypto itself but I’ve invested personally in the companies that surround the industry, not just the cryptocurrencies themselves but companies that service the industry.”

Regarding broader regulation of cryptocurrencies, he said, “Members of Congress are not going to push to regulate this industry unduly…

David Rubenstein also added, “I think the industry is not going to be soft in dealing with members of Congress. I think they’re going to be fairly aggressive, and I think members of Congress will act by not pushing regulations to do more than they are already doing.”