To say Bitcoin is popular would be an understatement.


Every day there are well over 250,000 confirmed Bitcoin transactions measured on the blockchain.

Roughly 46 million Americans own at least a portion of a Bitcoin and, as a percentage of the global population, the average person owns 0.002443 BTC…


But there are whales. Huge whales!


Let’s have a look at some of the largest individual and corporate
BTC HODLers as of the most recent compiled 2022 data.



Satoshi Nakamoto: Roughly 1.1 million BTC

The US Government (we the people): At least 214,046 BTC

The Winklevoss Twins: 70,000 BTC

Tim Draper: 29,000+ BTC

Michael Saylor: 17,732 BTC



MicroStrategy: 129,699 BTC

Galaxy Digital: 16,400 BTC

Tesla: 10,275 BTC

Marathon Digital: 10,055 BTC

Block Inc: 8,027 BTC


If the holdings of these whales (including the US Government) don’t signify the huge popularity of Bitcoin, maybe the data on Bitcoin ATM machines does.


Let’s have a look at the countries with the most BTC ATMs…


The USA: 32,283 BTC ATMs

Canada: 2,362 BTC ATMs

Spain: 213 BTC ATMs

El Salvador: 205 BTC ATMs

Poland: 172 BTC ATMs


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