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BlockQuarry Corp. currently trades on the OTC under ticker symbol: BLQC

The Company plans to qualify and file for an up-listing to the NASDAQ stock exchange.

Why BlockQuarry?

America is now responsible for over 35% of the globes total Bitcoin hash-rate. With this great responsibility comes great opportunity. BlockQuarry Corp. (OTC: BLQC) is a rapidly expanding American cryptocurrency mining and hosting company. We offer full “turn-key” support for the global build-out of blockchain and DeFi infrastructure.

While our mining operations at our PODPARKS influence the world’s hash-rate and have helped America become the leader in Bitcoin mining, BlockQuarry strives to support local US job creation and direct access to crypto assets for the benefit of us all.

Our Growth Strategy

BlockQuarry Corp. (OTC: BLQC) is making strong progress on scaling its cryptocurrency hosting and mining operations and continues to push forward on key corporate objectives.

Further, we look to grow beyond our current 200MW capacity and expect expansion in total hosting and mining operations that could enable us to become one of America’s largest crypto-hosting and mining companies.

As noted, our dual cryptocurrency revenue strategy of pairing both hosting and mining revenue streams allows for continued cash flows from operations, somewhat irrespective of changes or volatility in the pricing of cryptocurrency assets.

Renewable and Clean

BlockQuarry Corp., where the future of finance and green mining meet.

Our BlockQuarry mine sites in Gaffney, SC, Rutherford, NC, and Mooreshead, NC operate on clean, ecofriendly energy sources. These energy sources are fully renewable and offer clean, green mining.

Low Energy Costs

Because of our energy source relationships, BlockQuarry Corp. operates its PODPARK mine site at very competitive costs. Much of these cost savings are passed on to our hosting clients, giving them access to lower cost mining and better profit margins.

BlockQuarry Team

Investor Contact

Company Address:Houston, TXInvestor Relations:Email: ir@blockquarry.ioPhone: 832-390-2754

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